Launching the exploit

If you need help, ask the NDS(i)Brew Scene or the DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Mode Hacking! Discord servers.

We’ll start by first setting up your SD card to launch our exploit. For most users, we recommend using an exploit called “Memory Pit” which takes advantage of a flaw in how the DSi Camera handles data.

Once we launch the exploit, it’ll boot us into TWiLight Menu++, a homebrew application that acts as a replacement to the DSi Menu.

Section I - SD Card Setup

Ensure your SD card is formatted correctly.

The source code is not needed. You only need the actual files.


  • An SD card for your DSi
  • A way to copy downloaded files to your SD card
  • An application that can extract archives, such as 7-Zip

Memory Pit

  1. Download the Memory Pit binary corresponding to the version and region of your Nintendo DSi system
  2. Insert your DSi SD card into your computer
  3. Navigate to private/ds/app/484E494A/ folder on your SD card
    • If this folder does not exist, create it
  4. Move the Memory Pit .bin file to this folder

TWiLight Menu++

  1. Download the latest release of TWiLight Menu++
  2. Extract the .7z file to somewhere on your computer
  3. Copy the boot.nds file and the _nds folder from the DSi&3DS - SD card users folder to the root of your SD card
  4. Copy the contents of the SDNAND root folder in the DSi - CFW users folder to the root of your SD card
  5. Copy the _nds folder to the root of your SD card
    • Replace files and merge folders, if asked

You may notice that there are two _nds folders. This is not a mistake. While the first one contains all the TWiLight Menu++ files, those are universal to flashcarts as well. The second _nds folder contains DSi/3DS specific files, such as the homebrew version of nds-boostrap.

Section II - Launching the exploit

  1. Boot your Nintendo DSi and launch the DSi Camera application
    • If a camera tutorial appears, ensure your camera works. If it doesn’t work, you will get a crash (“An error has occured”) and would be unable to use Memory Pit
    • If your camera is non-functional, please follow our alternate exploits guide
  2. With your SD card inserted into your console, select the SD Card icon on the top right
    • If you receive a message saying your SD card isn’t inserted, please use another SD card
    • If you receive a message saying that your SD card cannot be used, ensure your SD card is formatted correctly.
  3. Select your SD card’s camera album
    • If you copied Memory Pit correctly, your screen should flash magenta

The top screen should now boot into TWiLight Menu++.

If your Nintendo DSi flashes magenta but the top screen turns green while the bottom is white, then you do not have BOOT.NDS on the root of your SD card.

You have now configured your entry point to launch TWiLight Menu++, an open-source homebrew application that can act as a replacement to the Nintendo DSi System Menu.

It provides a customizable unified interface for navigating your DSi SD card to launch a variety of titles, including Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance.

Section III - Configuring TWiLightMenu++

  1. Once you’re in TWiLightMenu++, press (SELECT) to switch to the DS Classic Menu
  2. Tap the button at the very bottom to open settings
  3. Use the (L) and (R) buttons to switch over to the “Misc. Settings” page
  4. Switch the “SysNAND Region” entry to your console’s region
  5. Switch the “DSiWare Exploit” entry to Memory Pit
    • If you’re using a different exploit, select that instead

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TWiLightMenu++ Usage

  • TWiLight Menu++ is an SD card navigator. You can launch the available applications anywhere on the SD card
  • If files don’t appear, they are most likely hidden by the filesystem. You can check via Windows or MacOS
    • You can view hidden files on TWiLight Menu++ by enabling the option in the TWiLight Menu++ Settings Application
    • Regardless of the settings, the _nds folder will always be hidden in TWiLight Menu++
  • To launch GBA applications, you’ll need a Gameboy Advance bios.bin file. This can be located either on the root of your SD card, a gba folder or a _gba folder
  • You can set TWiLight Menu++ to autolaunch when you power on your DSi, if you have Unlaunch installed
    • This is shown later in the guide