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What functionality will I lose by modding my system?

  • If you decide to install Unlaunch, you will not lose any system functionality
  • If you go with a Memory Pit-only setup, you will be unable to save photos to the SD card via the Nintendo DSi Camera application while the exploit is installed. Either follow Alternate Exploits instead, or follow Installing Unlaunch
    • This is because the metadata file (pit.bin) is overwritten with the Memory Pit exploit

How do I play Nintendo DS Game Card dumps?

Playing Game Card dumps on the console requires the use of a flashcard or nds-bootstrap, a program which enables games to be played from the internal SD card by redirecting Slot-1 reads and writes to it.

  • With TWiLight Menu++ you can navigate your SD card to find ROM files to play with nds-bootstrap. The advantages to using TWiLight Menu++ are having a cheat menu, per-game settings, and avoiding the restrictions that forwarders bring. In other words, you can drop your ROM files directly and play without any setup. There is no 39 title limit, neither hiyaCFW or Unlaunch are required and there are no restrictions on SD card free space you can have
  • hiyaCFW users can create forwarders for the SDNAND's DSi Menu using the DS Game Forwardersopen in new window guide on the DS-Homebrew Wiki, but it has some limitations. There is a hard limit of 39 titles, and they are less convenient to make than using TWiLight Menu++

How do I update my homebrew?

  • Unlaunch - Follow the instructions on the Installing Unlaunch page
    • You do not need to uninstall Unlaunch before doing this
  • hiyaCFW - Replace hiya.dsi on the root of the SD card from the updated releaseopen in new window
  • TWiLight Menu++ - Follow the instructions on the DS-Homebrew Wikiopen in new window
  • nds-bootstrap - Copy nds-bootstrap-hb-release.nds & nds-bootstrap-release.nds to the _nds folder on the root of your SD card
    • If you use TWiLight Menu++, there is a high chance that the latest nds-bootstrap release is included with TWiLight Menu++
  • GodMode9i, dumpTool, Forwarder3-DS, etc - Follow the instructions used to download them

Other homebrew might use other methods to update.

I am new or I would like to redo my setup. Where do I start?

  • If you have not already modified your console or are looking to update Unlaunch on your system, we recommend starting from the beginning of the guide and following through the pages. Be sure to read everything on the homepage
  • If you have the latest version Unlaunch, follow Section 1b of Launching the Exploit to set up TWiLight Menu++ on your system

How can I remove parental controls?

Can I change my Nintendo DSi's region?

Yes, there are a few different methods depending on what you want to change:

  • The safest and simplest method is to simply install TWiLight Menu++, it can use any official language and more without needing NAND modifications
  • If you want to actually change the system region and are using hiyaCFW, you can use Yoti's hiyalangopen in new window
  • Lastly, if you want to change the region on the actual system NAND, you can use Mighty Max's DSi Language Patcheropen in new window

What happened to the hiyaCFW installation guide?

Because hiyaCFW does not serve much functional purpose and was a problematic and confusing part of the guide for many users, it was moved to the DS-Homebrew Wikiopen in new window.

  • If you were linked to the page in question from another guide, the instructions you were following were most likely outdated. Please use this guide instead, as it is maintained constantly by the developers of these projects