Installing Unlaunch

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Unlaunch is an exploit that takes place on system boot. This allows it to have higher privileges than normal DSiWare exploits such as Memory Pit, which makes it able to do the following:

  • Launching applications at boot (homebrew or DSiWare), with optional button combinations
  • Access to Slot-1, allowing you to dump cartridges and launch incompatible flashcarts
  • Region locks removed on DSi-Enhanced / Exclusive games
  • Run old Nintendo DS homebrew via nds-bootstrap-hb
  • Launching DSiWare from the internal SD card
  • Better sound in GBARunner2
  • Brick-protection

If you have not yet done so, please made a NAND backup. While the chances are slim, Unlaunch can accidentally brick your Nintendo DSi. A NAND backup + hardmod would allow you to restore this backup, provided you know how to solder.

Make sure your console is charged when following this process. A sudden power loss could result in serious damage.

Section I - SD card preparations

Using a Windows, Linux, or macOS device? Use Lazy DSi Downloader to automatically setup your SD card.

  1. Download the latest version of Unlaunch
  2. Extract UNLAUNCH.DSI from the archive and place it anywhere on your SD card
  3. Verify you still have TWiLight Menu++ on your SD card

Section II - Installing/Updating Unlaunch

  1. Open TWiLight Menu++
    • If this is your first time installing Unlaunch, relaunch TWiLight Menu++ through the exploit that you used
    • If you have already installed Unlaunch and are looking to update it, hold A + B while booting and select the TWiLight Menu++ where BOOT.NDS is shown on the bottom screen
  2. Launch TWiLight Menu++ Settings
    • If you haven’t changed your theme, follow the steps in the “Launching the Exploit” page. Otherwise, consult the TWiLight Menu++ Manual
  3. Hit L / R or X / Y until you reach the Unlaunch Settings page
  4. If you want to change Unlaunch’s background image, select Background and choose the one you want
  5. If you want the Health and Safety screen and DSi Menu music and sounds, then set Launcher Patches to Off
    • This will also prevent region locking from being removed
  6. Exit TWiLight Menu++ Settings
  7. In the file navigation menu, launch Unlaunch DSi Installer
  8. Select the install option
    • If Unlaunch freezes at ERROR: MISMATCH IN FAT COPIES, please take a look at the Troubleshooting page
  9. When completed, reboot your system

If you see Unlaunch’s Filemenu screen at this point, you have successfully modded your Nintendo DSi.

  • If you see a black screen, please take a look at our Troubleshooting page

Section III - Post-Unlaunch configuration

Currently, Unlaunch defaults to launching its file menu on boot, but this can be changed launch whatever you want.

We will also reconfigure nds-bootstrap to launch into TWiLight Menu++ (instead of the exploited DSiWare title) when we soft-reset in-game.

  1. Power on your console while holding A + B
  2. Navigate to OPTIONS, and look at the available options
    • A + B is hardcoded to launch into Unlaunch’s menu, and as such cannot be changed
    • The NO BUTTON and BUTTON A / B / X / Y options can be set however you like and will choose what your DSi loads at boot depending on which buttons are held. You can select any DSiWare, homebrew, the Slot-1 card, wifiboot, or Unlaunch’s file menu
      • For TWiLight Menu++, select the TWiLight Menu++ option where BOOT.NDS is shown on the bottom screen
      • For the original DSi Menu, select Launcher
    • LOAD ERROR is what your DSi will load if loading what you have set fails, such as the SD card not being inserted
  3. Save your settings and head back to Unlaunch’s menu
  4. Hover over the TWiLight Menu++ options and find the one that has a path containing settings.srldr on the bottom screen
  5. Launch the highlighted option
  6. Use the L / R or X / Y buttons to switch over to the Misc. Settings page
  7. Set the DSiWare Exploit option to None

Section IV - Cleaning up your SD card

This section is optional and only serves for keeping your SD card tidy of files you won’t need.

  • Delete the sd:/private/ds/app/484E494A/pit.bin file from your SD card
    • If you used another exploit, delete the files from that exploit instead
  • Delete the UNLAUNCH.DSI file from your SD card