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This is the credits for those who have helped out with the guide website, homebrew, and other things.

If you like what they have done, consider donating (if they have a donation link).

  • NightScript, Pk11 & Peter0x44: Guide maintainers
  • YourKalamity: Creator of Lazy DSi File Downloader
  • emiyl: Domain holder
  • Halvorsen: Provided an image of their Nintendo DSi to be used on the home page
  • shutterbug2000: Discoverer & Developer of DSi Camera & Flipnote Studio exploits
  • WinterMute: Maintainer of the DS Homebrew development toolchain & forked the ugopwn Flipnote Studio exploit to make Flipnote Lenny (supports all firmwares and regions)
  • nocash: Developer of Unlaunch
  • RocketRobz: Developer of TWiLight Menu++ & GodMode9i
  • zoogie: Developer of dumpTool & forked Memory Pit to support all regions and firmwares
  • Plailect: Made the original 3DS Modding Guide, which this took inspiration from

You can contribute to our guide too by simply sending in a pull request!

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