Alternate Exploits

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If you are introduced to a tutorial when launching the Nintendo DSi Camera application and get a crash when attempting to complete it, you cannot use Memory Pit. Here, you may find alternate exploits that may work in lieu of Memory Pit.

If you have Flipnote Studio installed, you can use Flipnote Lenny.


Ensure you have set up TWiLight Menu++ on your SD card before proceeding with any of the following.

If you're on an older firmware, you may have access to save game exploits for a select list of gamesopen in new window. These will not be covered here as they are largely obsolete. They should only be used as a last resort, if both Memory Pit and Flipnote Lenny aren't working for you.

petit-compwner will not be usable for the purpose of working around Memory Pit, as it requires a working camera to launch the exploit.