DSiWare Backups

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  • The latest version of GodMode9iopen in new window
    • Download the archive, extract the contents and place GodMode9i.nds anywhere on your SD card

Nintendo DSi - Instructions

Section I - Identifying the desired DSiWare

  1. Launch GodMode9i and select [nand:] SYSNAND
  2. Navigate to the title folder
  3. Choose the folder according to whichever category you're looking for
    • 00030004: Standard DSiWare
    • 00030005: Pre-installed Fun Tools
    • 0003000f: System Data (non-DSiWare files, can't be run)
    • 00030015: System Base Tools
    • 00030017: Launcher
  4. Once you have chosen which type of DSiWare you would like to extract, enter a subfolder, and then enter content
  5. There should now be an .app file visible. Select the file, and choose Show NDS file info. This will tell you if it's the DSiWare that you are looking for
    • If it is not the DSiWare title that you were looking for, continue searching in other folders until you find it
    • Files in 0003000f cannot have their NDS file info viewed because they are not launchable DSiWare and do not contain a valid banner

Section II - Extracting the DSiWare

  1. Highlight the .app file, then press Y to add it to the clipboard
  2. Navigate your SD card to the directory where you'd like to place the dumped DSiWare title
  3. Press Y again to paste the DSiWare title in the directory you are currently navigating
    • You can change the name of the file after pasting it by pressing X while holding R
    • Repeat this for all files you wish to copy to the same directory

You should now see the DSiWare title in TWiLight Menu++ or the Unlaunch Filemenu.

Section III - Extracting the save file (optional)

  1. In the same folder as content for your specified DSiWare, there will be a folder named data
  2. Inside the data folder is the save file. Copy this file to your SD card in the same way you did for the DSiWare title itself
    • Unlaunch and nds-bootstrap use the .pub and .prv file extensions for DSiWare save files. If your DSiWare save file was originally titled public.sav, use the .pub extension, and if the save file was originally titled private.sav, use the .prv extension
    • If you wish to use the DSiWare save file with TWiLight Menu++, make sure to place it in the saves folder at the location of your ROM