DSiWare Backups

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  • The latest version of GodMode9i
    • Download the archive, extract the contents and place GodMode9i.nds anywhere on your SD card
  • A Nintendo DSi console with Unlaunch installed

Nintendo DSi - Instructions

Section I - Identifying the path to the .app file

  1. Boot your Nintendo DSi console while holding A + B
    • This should take you to the Unlaunch Filemenu
  2. Identify your application in the list
    • A light green entry means that they are installed to NAND

When you hover over the entry, the bottom screen should show the path. Take note of the path.

An example path would be nand:/title/0030005/484e4a45/content/00000003.app

Section II - Extracting the file

  1. Launch GodMode9i from the Unlaunch Filemenu
  2. Navigate to SYSNAND, then navigate through the path you took note of above
  3. Highlight the .app file, then press Y to add it to the clipboard
  4. Navigate your SD card to the directory where you’d like to place the dumped DSiWare title
  5. Press Y again to paste the DSiWare title in the directory you are currently navigating
    • You can change the name of the file after pasting it by pressing X while holding R
    • Repeat this for all files you wish to copy to the same directory

You should now see the DSiWare title in TWiLight Menu++ or the Unlaunch Filemenu.