Uninstalling Unlaunch

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Installing or uninstalling Unlaunch may randomly brick your console! You have been warned!

WARNING: An uninstall of Unlaunch may brick your Nintendo DSi. Here are some cases on why you may want to uninstall Unlaunch but with solutions that don't require uninstalling.

  • The Unlaunch Background is scary: Reinstall Unlaunch using the new instructions. They now contain instructions on how to change the background
  • I'm having an issue with Unlaunch or my console after installing it: The Troubleshooting page will explain how to fix many issues you may have


To reduce the chances of bricking, make sure that you have not installed any illegitimate DSiWare to your NAND backup (the SDNAND redirection provided by hiyaCFW does not count), or have otherwise tampered with system files.


When uninstalling Unlaunch, you should NOT use its built-in uninstaller directly on your console as there is a chance that it will brick the console. Please see below for information on uninstalling it properly.

Once you have reviewed the above information, follow the Dumping NAND instructions to make a new NAND backup, then proceed to Restoring a NAND Backup. This will guide you through uninstalling Unlaunch from the NAND backup and flashing that to your console.

If you are not able to use no$gba or get an error after uninstalling Unlaunch in no$gba it is also possible to flash a NAND backup made prior to installing Unlaunch if you still have one, however it is recommended to try using a NAND backup that previously had Unlaunch first. This will make recovery significantly easier in the case of a brick requiring a hardmod as Unlaunch leaves the no$gba footer embedded in the NAND even when uninstalled.