Uninstalling Unlaunch

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Installing or uninstalling Unlaunch may randomly brick your console! You have been warned!

WARNING: An uninstall of Unlaunch may brick your Nintendo DSi. Here are some cases on why you may want to uninstall Unlaunch but with solutions that don’t require uninstalling.

  • The Unlaunch Background is scary: Reinstall Unlaunch using the new instructions. They now contain instructions on how to change the background
  • There is no Splash screen and the music is missing: Reinstall Unlaunch using the new instructions. They now contain mitigation instructions
  • My system is bricked: This page isn’t for you then, as it requires a working system in order to uninstall Unlaunch

To reduce the chances of bricking, make sure that you have not installed any non-legit DSiWare to your System NAND (the SDNAND redirection provided by hiyaCFW does not count), or have otherwise tampered with system files.

  1. Download the latest version of Unlaunch
  2. Extract UNLAUNCH.DSI from the Unlaunch archive and copy it anywhere your SD card
  3. Hold A + B on system boot
  4. Select the UNLAUNCH.DSI file you just downloaded
  5. Select Uninstall
    • It will say that the system will become “useless”, which is the developer’s (nocash) way of saying it will be back to the way it was before Unlaunch was installed
  6. When completed, reboot (power down and power back on) your system in order to verify Unlaunch uninstalled properly