Installing Unlaunch

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If you do not have access to a PC, or if your PC is running ChromeOS, then please do not install Unlaunch. A PC (running Windows, Linux, or macOS) is required in order to fix some issues that may occur after installing Unlaunch.


If you have not yet done so, please follow Dumping NAND. While the chances are slim, Unlaunch can accidentally brick your Nintendo DSi. A NAND backup + hardmodopen in new window would allow you to restore this backup, provided you know how to solder.


Make sure your console is charged when following this process. A sudden power loss could result in serious damage.


Unlaunch is not compatible with Nintendo DSi development consoles.

Section I - SD card setup

  1. Download the latest version of Unlaunchopen in new window
  2. Extract UNLAUNCH.DSI from the archive and place it anywhere on your SD card
  3. Verify you still have TWiLight Menu++ on your SD card

Section II - Installing/Updating Unlaunch

  1. Open TWiLight Menu++
    • If this is your first time installing Unlaunch, relaunch TWiLight Menu++ through the exploit that you used
    • If you have already installed Unlaunch and are looking to update it, hold A + B while booting and select the option labeled TWiLight Menu++
    • If several options are labeled TWiLight Menu++, select the option in where BOOT.NDS is shown at the end of the path on the bottom screen
  2. Launch TWiLight Menu++ Settings
    • If you haven't changed your theme, press SELECT and touch the small DS icon on the bottom of the touch screen. Otherwise, see the TWiLight Menu++ Manual
  3. Hit L / R or X / Y until you reach the Unlaunch settings page
  4. If you want to change Unlaunch's background image, select Background and choose the one you want
  5. Exit TWiLight Menu++ Settings
  6. In the file navigation menu, launch Unlaunch DSi Installer
    • If you see two black screens after launching, download GodMode9iopen in new window, put its .dsi file on the SD root, then launch GodMode9i using TWiLight Menu++, and start Unlaunch.dsi
      This method does not enable Unlaunch to use custom patches and background
  7. Select the "install now" option
    • If Unlaunch freezes at ERROR: MISMATCH IN FAT COPIES, please take a look at the Troubleshooting page
  8. When completed, reboot your system

If you see Unlaunch's Filemenu screen at this point, you have successfully modded your Nintendo DSi.

Section III - Post-Unlaunch configuration

Currently, Unlaunch defaults to launching its Filemenu on boot, but this can be changed launch whatever you want.

  1. Power on your console while holding A and B
    • This should launch the Unlaunch Filemenu
    • If nothing is listed, or if only TWiLight Menu++ isn't listed (even after scrolling down), then you'll need to reformat the SD card
  2. Navigate to OPTIONS, and look at the available options
    • A + B is hardcoded to launch into Unlaunch's menu, and as such cannot be changed
    • The NO BUTTON and BUTTON A / B / X / Y options can be set however you like and will choose what your DSi loads at boot depending on which buttons are held. You can select any DSiWare, homebrew, the Slot-1 card, wifiboot, or Unlaunch's Filemenu
      • For TWiLight Menu++, select TWiLight Menu++
      • For the original DSi Menu, select Launcher
    • LOAD ERROR is what your DSi will load if loading what you have set fails, such as the SD card not being inserted
  3. Select SAVE & EXIT to save your settings, then turn off your DSi

Section IV - Cleaning up your SD card


This section is optional and only serves for keeping your SD card tidy of files you won't need.

  • Delete the sd:/private/ds/app/484E494A/pit.bin file from your SD card
  • Rename tip.bin back to pit.bin, and leave it intact
  • You can now restore the DCIM folder that was on the root of your SD card
  • Delete the UNLAUNCH.DSI file from your SD card
  • Delete the 800031_104784BAB6B57_000.ppm and T00031_1038C2A757B77_000.ppm files from inside the following folders:
    • sd:/private/ds/app/4B47554A/001 (Japan)
    • sd:/private/ds/app/4B475545/001 (USA)
    • sd:/private/ds/app/4B475556/001 (Europe/Australia)
    • You can also delete the entire folders for the regions besides your own
  • Delete the UNLAUNCH.DSI file from your SD card