Launching the Exploit (stylehax)

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We'll start by first launching our exploit. For the best Unlaunch-free experience, or if the DSi camera is broken to install Unlaunch, we recommend using an exploit called "stylehax" which takes advantage of a flaw in how the DSi Browser application handles webpages.

Launching the exploit will boot you into TWiLight Menu++, a homebrew application that acts as a replacement to the DSi Menu.


  • Nintendo DSi Browser installed on your Nintendo DSi
    • If you do not have the DSi Browser, then use Memory Pit instead

Launching the exploit

  1. Ensure your SD card is inserted into your Nintendo DSi
  2. Boot your Nintendo DSi and launch the DSi Browser application
  3. Touch the Go to Page button
    • The button will have a green www icon
  4. Type opera:about, and touch Go to load the page
  5. Touch the HOME icon
  6. Touch the Go to Page button
  7. Type, and touch Go to load the page


The exploit should take 21 seconds to take effect. If it takes longer than 30 seconds, then reboot, and try again.


If the top screen turns green, you do not have TWiLight Menu++'s BOOT.NDS on the root of your SD card. Follow the prep work again.

You can now use TWiLight Menu++! First, it will ask you to select your language and region. These do not need to match your console's language or region, so set them to whichever you prefer. Next, it's recommended to continue on and make a NAND backup. This can potentially be used to save your console if anything bad happens in the future.


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