DSiWare Backups

If you need help, ask the NDS(i)Brew Scene or the DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Mode Hacking! Discord servers.


  • The latest release of maketmd (if you’re trying to convert a .app to a .tmd)
  • The latest version of GodMode9i
  • A Nintendo DSi console with Unlaunch installed


Identifying the path to the .app file

  1. Boot your Nintendo DSi console by holding (A) & (B)
  2. Identify your application in the list
    • A light green entry means that they are installed to NAND

When you hover over the entry, the bottom screen should show the path. Take note of the path.

An example path would be nand:/title/0030005/484e4a45/content/00000003.app

Extracting the file

  1. Launch GodMode9i.
  2. Navigate to SYSNAND, then navigate through the path you took note of above
  3. Highlight the file, then hit Y to copy
    • Which file you use depends on your use case. For hiyaCFW, use the .tmd. Otherwise, use the .app
  4. Navigate your SD card to where you’d like to place the file
    • For hiyaCFW usage, it’ll be in /title/00030004
  5. Hit Y to paste the file

You should now either see the .app in TWiLight Menu++ or in your home menu if you use hiyaCFW.

Converting 3DS dumps

You can ignore this if you don’t have any 3DS DSiWare dumps.

  1. Copy the contents of the maketmd .zip file to a folder on your PC
  2. Open the dumped folder on your PC containing your DSiWare
  3. Navigate to content
  4. Delete the cmd folder, and the .tmd file
  5. Delete any .ctx files if they exist
  6. Drag and drop the .app file onto the maketmd program
    • You will see a new file named title.tmd be created

You will now have your .tmd file you can use for hiyaCFW.