Alternate Exploits

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If you are introduced to a tutorial when launching the Nintendo DSi Camera application and get a crash when attempting to complete it, you cannot use Memory Pit. Here are other exploits you can use instead:

Ensure you have set up TWiLight Menu++ on your SD card before proceeding

Any of the below exploits should only be used as necessary. Try to use Memory Pit when possible

If you’re on an older firmware, you have access to save game exploits for a select list of games.

These will not be covered here as they are largely obsolete. They should only be used as a last resort, if both Memory Pit and Flipnote Lenny aren’t working for you.

petit-compwner will not be usable for the purpose of working around Memory Pit, as it requires a working camera to launch the exploit.

Flipnote Lenny


  • Flipnote Studio installed on your Nintendo DSi
    • If you do not have Flipnote Studio, you may still be able to redownload it from the Nintendo DSi Shop, if you have downloaded it previously.

Section I - SD Card Setup

  1. Download the latest version of Flipnote Lenny
  2. Copy the private folder from the Flipnote Lenny archive to the root of your SD card

You may now eject your SD card and place it into your Nintendo DSi

Section II - Exploiting on the Nintendo DSi

  1. Power on your Nintendo DSi and launch the Flipnote Studio application
  2. Open the Flipnote settings and ensure that “Booting to Calendar” is disabled
  3. View the flipnotes stored on the SD card
  4. Tap on the face corresponding to your region
    • If you have an AUS console, select EUR
  5. Edit the selected flipnote
  6. Tap the frog icon in the bottom left
  7. Tap on the film roll icon
  8. Select Copy -> Back -> Exit
  9. Tap on the second note with a larger face, and select “Edit”
  10. Tap on the frog icon in the bottom left
  11. Tap on the film roll icon
  12. Select paste

If your Nintendo DSi flashes magenta but the top screen turns green while the bottom is white, then you are missing BOOT.NDS on the root of your SD card.

You should now be looking at the Nintendo DSi Splash Screen, which is being handled by TWiLight Menu++.

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