Alternate Exploits

If you need help, ask the NDS(i)Brew Scene or the DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Mode Hacking! Discord servers.

If for some reason, your camera doesn’t work or you can’t use memory pit, there are some other exploits you can use.

Ensure you have set up TWiLightMenu++ on your SD card before proceeding

If you’re on an older firmware, you have access to save game exploits for a select list of games.

These will not be covered here as they are largely obsolete. Only use this as a last resort, if both Memory Pit and Flipnote Lenny aren’t working for you.

petit-compwner will not be usable as it requires a working camera to launch the exploit.

Flipnote Lenny


  • Flipnote Studio installed to your DSi
  • The latest version of Flipnote Lenny
  • An SD card for your DSi
  • A way to copy downloaded files to your SD card


  1. Copy the private folder from the Flipnote Lenny archive to the root of your SD card
  2. Insert your SD card into your Nintendo DSi and turn it on
  3. Launch Flipnote Studio
  4. Open the Flipnote settings and ensure that “Booting to Calendar” is disabled
  5. View the flipnotes stored on the SD card
  6. Tap on the face corresponding to your region
    • If you have an AUS console, select EUR
  7. Edit the selected flipnote
  8. Tap the frog icon in the bottom left
  9. Tap on the film roll icon
  10. Select Copy -> Back -> Exit
  11. Tap on the second note with a larger face, and select “Edit”
  12. Tap on the frog icon in the bottom left
  13. Tap on the film roll icon
  14. Select paste

The top screen should now boot into TWiLight Menu++.

If your Nintendo DSi flashes magenta but the top screen turns green while the bottom is white, then you do not have BOOT.NDS on the root of your SD card.

You have now configured your entry point to launch TWiLight Menu++, an open-source homebrew application that can act as a replacement to the Nintendo DSi System Menu.

It provides a customizable unified interface for navigating your DSi SD card to launch a variety of titles, including Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance.

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