Dumping Game Cards

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This section is for dumping Game Cards using GodMode9i so they can be played on emulators, flashcards, or your SD card via nds-bootstrap.


  • The Game Card of the title you would like to dump
  • Your Nintendo DSi console with Unlaunch installed


第一节 - SD 卡设置

  1. 下载最新版本的 GodMode9i在新窗口打开
  2. 从 GodMode9i 目录中解压 GodMode9i.nds 并复制到你SD卡的任意位置


  1. Launch GodMode9i
  2. Ensure the Game Card is inserted into the console
  3. Select the "NDS GAMECARD" option in GodMode9i
  4. Select what you want to dump
    • The "Trimmed" options for the ROM will dump a smaller file that can save SD card space, however they won't work for most patches such as ROM hacks
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for all Game Cards you wish to dump


The dumped Game Cards will be found in sd:/gm9i/out.