Lansarea Exploit-ului

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Vom începe prin a-ți seta cardul SD pentru a lansa exploit-ul. Pentru majoritatea utilizatorilor, noi recomandăm să folosești un exploit numit "Memory Pit" care profită de o eroare în modul prin care aplicația Nintendo DSi Camera tratează metadatele de imagini.

Lansarea exploit-ului va porni TWiLight Menu++, o aplicație homebrew ce se comportă ca un înlocuitor pentru Meniul DSi.


If you don't plan on installing Unlaunch and have either the DSi Browser or Flipnote Studio, it is recommended to use either stylehax or Flipnote Lenny instead. Which is the best exploit?

Section I - Checking your DSi Camera Version

  1. Pornește-ți consola
  2. Open Nintendo DSi Camera
    • If you are prompted to complete the camera tutorial, do so now
    • If the tutorial crashes as you try to complete it, your Nintendo DSi camera hardware is likely broken in some way and you will not be able to use Memory Pit. Please use an alternate exploit
  3. Open the album using the large button on the right
  4. Take note of whether you have a Facebook icon alongside the star, clubs, and heart, outlined in red here: Screenshot of where the Facebook icon is located

Section II - Memory Pit

  1. Download the correct Memory Pit binary for your Nintendo DSi Camera version:
  2. Navigate to sd:/private/ds/app/484E494A/ on your SD card
    • sd: is the root of the SD card
    • You will already have these directories if you have previously taken photos to your SD card via the Nintendo DSi Camera application
    • If they (or just 484E494A) do not exist, please launch the DSi Camera application for the folder(s) to be created
  3. Inside the 484E494A folder, rename the existing pit.bin file to tip.bin
  4. Place the Memory Pit pit.bin file in the 484E494A folder
  5. If there's a folder named DCIM in the root of your SD card, make a back up of it so you don't lose the pictures inside, and then remove it from the SD card

Section III - Launching the exploit

  1. Ensure your SD card is inserted into your Nintendo DSi
  2. Boot your Nintendo DSi and launch the Nintendo DSi Camera application
  3. Select the SD Card icon in the top-right
    • If you receive a message saying your SD card isn't inserted, please use another SD card
    • If you receive a message saying that your SD card cannot be used, ensure your SD card is formatted correctly
  4. Open the album using the large button on the right
    • The screen should flash magenta if Memory Pit was copied correctly


If the top screen turns green, you do not have TWiLight Menu++'s BOOT.NDS on the root of your SD card. Follow the prep work again.


If you enter the SD card camera album and nothing unusual happens, ensure that you downloaded the correct version of Memory Pit for your version and region, and placed it into the correct folder on your SD card. Also ensure that the DCIM folder does not exist on your SD card.


Taking photos with the Memory Pit exploit on your SD card will cause the exploit to stop working properly and you will have to copy it over again.

You can now use TWiLight Menu++! First, it will ask you to select your language and region. These do not need to match your console's language or region so set them to whichever you prefer. Next it's recommended to continue on and make a NAND backup. This can potentially be used to save your console if anything bad happens in the future.


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