Lazy DSi File Downloader(DSi懒人下载包)

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“Lazy DSi Downloader”是一个简化破解Nintendo DSi 过程的工具。


  1. 打开你的任天堂DSi
  2. 启动到 Nintendo DSi 相机应用程序

If at this point you get a tutorial and crash when trying to follow it, then you cannot use Memory Pit.


  1. Download the latest release of Lazy DSi File Downloader在新窗口打开 for your OS
  2. Launch it via the instructions for your operating system listed in the release page
  3. Hit the Next button
    • The intro text isn't mandatory to read
  4. If your Nintendo DSi crashed during the verification steps above, toggle off the Memory Pit option
  5. Hit the check boxes for "Download latest GodMode9i version?"
    • Feel free to select any of the other homebrew applications in Click to add Additional homebrew..., but this is not mandatory
  6. Wait for everything to download, then hit Finish