Installing DSiWare

If you need help, ask the NDS(i)Brew Scene or the Nintendo Homebrew Discord servers.

You must have Unlaunch and HiyaCFW installed before proceeding.

This guide will “install” the DSiWare to your DSi, for use with DSiMenu++. Using DSiMenu++ has several advantages, but the largest of them is that TMD and ARGV files do not need to be generated.


  1. Open the dumped folder on your PC containing your DSiWare
  2. Navigate to content
  3. Rename the .app file to have a .nds extension
  4. Make a directory in your SD card’s roms folder called dsiware if it doesn’t already exist
  5. Move your DSiWare .nds file to the roms/dsiware folder on your SD card
  6. Power on your DSi, open DSiMenu++, and navigate to roms > dsiware
    • Your new DSiWare will appear