Preparing your SD card

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ugopwn is an exploit that allows for homebrew access on all DSi firmwares. It requires you to have a copy of Flipnote Studio already installed on your console. There is currently no way to install Flipnote Studio without homebrew without hardmodding your system.

Since ugopwn can be very time consuming, we will install a faster entrypoint instead, which launches the Homebrew Launcher a few seconds after you start the application.

As of now, ugopwn only supports USA consoles, however a EUR/AUS and JPN release have been promised to come soon.



  1. Install Python 3 on your computer
  2. Open the System Settings application
  3. Select Data Management > System Memory > Flipnote Studio > Copy > Yes
    • If Data Management isn’t appearing, open the DSi Shop, close it, and then try again
  4. Once finished, power off your device
  5. Take your SD card out of your console and insert it into your computer
  6. Copy the contents of the ugopwn .zip file to the root of your SD card
  7. Copy the contents of the twlnf .7z file to the root of your SD card, and rename twlnf.nds to boot.nds
  8. Copy the contents of the DSi SRL Extractor .zip file to a folder on your Desktop
  9. Open the SD card drive on your computer
  10. Navigate to /Private/DS/Title/
  11. Copy the .bin file to your DSi SRL Extractor folder
  12. Run the console_id .py file inside the folder
    • This script requires WINE on Mac/Linux/*nix systems
  13. When prompted, press Enter
  14. Copy the new console_id .txt file to the root of your SD card
  15. Eject your SD card and insert it back into your DSi

Installing an Entrypoint