Using Flipnote Lenny

If you need help, ask the NDS(i)Brew Scene or the TWL Mode Hacking Discord servers.

This is an alternative way to launch GodMode9i to install Unlaunch and backup your NAND. The way we recommend is to use Memory Pit.

This is a mini-tutorial and isn’t a guide in it of itself. You are expected to follow the steps of the previous page (Installing Unlaunch) and come back to here once Memory Pit doesn’t work.


Preparing your SD card

  • Copy the private folder from the Flipnote Lenny .zip file to the root of your SD card

Launching GodMode9i

  1. Launch Flipnote Studio
    • Ensure that the booting to Calendar mode is disabled in Flipnote Studio’s settings
  2. Select View Flipnote -> SD Card
  3. Click on the lenny corresponding to your region (USA, JPN or EUR)
    • If you’re on an AUS console, then select EUR
  4. Select “Edit”
  5. Click on the Flipnote frog icon in the bottom left
  6. Click on the film roll icon
  7. Select Copy -> Back -> Exit
  8. Click the second note with a larger lenny face, and select “Edit”
  9. Click on the Flipnote frog icon in the bottom left
  10. Click on the film roll icon
  11. Select Paste

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