Installing Unlaunch

If you have any issues or problems, please read our FAQ or ask on Discord.

Before proceeding, if your system region is USA, make sure your console language is set to English.

Unlaunch is currently in a beta state. Please proceed with caution.

Unlaunch is a DSi bootcode exploit which will allow you to install HiyaCFW, a DSi Custom Firmware, to your console.


  • The latest release of Unlaunch
    • We are currently using Unlaunch v0.8, as 0.9 is incompatible with HiyaCFW
  • The latest release of HBMenu
  • The latest release of ugopwn
  • The latest release of fwTool

Preparing your SD card

  1. Insert your system’s SD card into your PC
  2. Copy the contents of the ugopwn .zip file to the root of your SD card
  3. Copy the fwTool .nds file to the root of your SD card, and rename fwTool.nds to boot.nds
  4. Eject your SD card, and insert it back into your DSi

Creating a NAND backup

  1. Open the Flipnote Studio application
    • Ensure that the booting to Calendar mode is disabled in Flipnote Studio’s settings
    • If you already have another DSiWare exploit installed, open that and skip to Step 14
    • Note that Sudokuhax cannot adequately make a backup with the required footer!
  2. Select View Flipnote > SD Card > Select Folder > User > ugopwn
  3. Click on the note with the red bottom half
  4. Select “Edit”
  5. Click on the Flipnote frog icon in the bottom left
  6. Click on the film roll icon
  7. Select Copy > Back > Quit
  8. Click the second note, and select “Edit”
  9. Click on the Flipnote frog icon in the bottom left
  10. Click on the film roll icon.
  11. USA/EUR/AUS: Click on the single right arrow (the next to last arrow icon) two times
    • You will see a new frame be created
  12. Based on your region, do the following:
    • USA: Click on the paste button exactly 122 times.
    • EUR/AUS: Click on the paste button exactly 2 times.
    • JPN: Click on the paste button. This should launch fwTool
  13. USA/EUR/AUS: Select “Erase” and then “Paste”
    • This will launch fwTool
  14. Navigate to Backup DSi NAND, and press A
    • This will take a few minutes
    • Store this NAND backup in a safe location, it is a critical backup and we will need it later to install HiyaCFW
    • When saved nand.bin.sha1. appears, the backup is finished
  15. Navigate to Exit, and press A
    • Your console will power off


  1. Insert your system’s SD card into your computer
  2. Copy BOOT.NDS from the hbmenu folder in the HBMenu .tar.bz2 file to the root of your SD card
    • fwTool is currently your boot.nds; for now, rename it to boot.bak or fwTool.nds
  3. Copy UNLAUNCH.DSI from the Unlaunch .zip file to the root of your SD card
  4. Rename UNLAUNCH.DSI to unlaunch.nds
  5. Unplug your SD card, and insert it in your DSi
  6. Power on your DSi, and repeat steps 1 through 13 in Creating a NAND backup
    • HBMenu will appear
  7. Navigate to unlaunch.nds, and press A
    • Unlaunch’s installer will appear
  8. Navigate to INSTALL NOW and press A
    • If Unlaunch freezes at ERROR: MISMATCH IN FAT COPIES, please read our FAQ
  9. When done, navigate to POWER DOWN and press A
    • Your system will power off
  10. Turn your system on, to verify Unlaunch installed properly
    • You should briefly see the Unlaunch screen, and boot into a version of the DSi Menu with no sound

With Unlaunch installed, your system now has primitive brick protection, unless the launcher’s TMD file is destroyed. Unlaunch has protections that should prevent this from happening, and HiyaCFW uses your SD card as the DSi’s NAND, adding a very resilient layer of brick protection.

Installing HiyaCFW