Finalizing Setup

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We will now install SRLoader to the System Menu by copying it to your SD card.

SRLoader is a homebrew application that can run homebrew and retail ROMs, and has several emulators built in.



  1. Insert your SD NAND (<2GB) SD card into your PC
  2. Copy the contents of CFW - SDNAND root from the SRLoader .7z file to the root of your SD NAND (<2GB) SD card
  3. Copy the _nds and roms folders from the SRLoader .7z file to the root of your SD card
  4. Unplug your SD card, and insert it in your DSi
  5. Power on your system
  6. “Unwrap” the new gift box by tapping on it
    • SRLoader should appear

SRLoader should now be on your System Menu, as any other DSiWare would be. With SRLoader, you can run homebrew and retail ROMs, and use the several emulators which are built into the software.


  1. Copy ROMs to their respective folders
    • Place Gameboy roms in /roms/gb
    • Place NDS roms in /roms/nds
    • Place NES roms in /roms/nes
    • For GBA, make a folder in roms named gba and place roms there
    • GBA requires a copy of the GBA BIOS named bios.bin on the root of your SD card, and currently has no saving support
  2. Launch SRLoader from the Home Menu
  3. You will now see a list of your NDS ROMs
    • Press Y to launch homebrew applications without nds-bootstrap
    • Press A to launch commercial/homebrew ROMs using nds-bootstrap (Homebrew with DSi-extended header will not be ran by bootstrap)
    • Press SELECT to set a donor ROM when the compatibility list asks for one
    • Press UP or DOWN to toggle between NDS ROMs and DSiWare
    • Press START, then navigate to Start GBARunner2 to run GBA ROMs
    • Press B to return to the DSi Menu